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American cuisine is surprisingly diverse in Singapore, with a whole host of cooking styles and ingredients. From the deep-dish pizzas of Chicago, to the fiery flavours of New Mexico, there’s something to satisfy everyone. The USA is home to the humble hot dog and crispy fried chicken, not to mention the heartland of world-class hamburger recipes and mouth-watering mac and cheese casseroles.

Find fast food delivery from a menu with delicious twists on American classics:

  • ✓ Hunt out the best hot dogs in town, whether it's a classic pork sausage topped with onions and mustard, or something more exotic.
  • ✓ Feast on fried chicken thighs, wings and drumsticks coated with tangy seasonings and served with fiery sauces and dips.
  • ✓ Combat hunger with a hearty hamburger, with premium patties and toppings and burger delivery from the biggest names in fast food.
  • ✓ Craving comfort food? A generous portion of mac and cheese is in order.
  • ✓ Add a portion of fries to go with your hamburger or hot dog, or order in a bag of onion rings and delicious dips for the table.

Fried chicken, hot dog and burger delivery from the best restaurants

When you order American food online with foodpanda, there's a wider menu choice with a first-rate fast food delivery service. Enter your location to find restaurants that deliver in your area, then browse everything that's on offer. Find fried chicken from your favourite restaurants, or hunt out a hamburger or hot dog with burger delivery from the biggest chains in Singapore. Or try something new, with exciting updates on old school classics like mac and cheese and green garden salads, all with easy online ordering, secure payments and fast delivery.

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