Order Beverages Online in Singapore Today!

Ordering Beverages from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Whether you are planning on a party, a celebratory evening of bubbles and canapes, or a coffee and cake session with friends, being able to order drinks online is such a convenient way to get wine, beer, juice, a bubble tea delivery and a coffee express delivery. Here, you can order drinks online with the utmost ease and convenience from a range of top takeouts such as I Love Taimei. Singapore is a great place to discover the delectable tastes of beverages from all over the world.

Wine, beer, juice and coffee express deliveries galore from top eateries

We have already mentioned the fabulous Taiwanese restaurant called I Love Taimei (which offers a fabulous bubble tea delivery service), but over and above I Love Taimei there are lots of other places to order drinks online. Below are just a handful of options to get you started:

  • Aya Izakaya: This Japanese restaurant is great for tea, including classics such as oolong and green tea
  • Tea Tree Cafe: Heaven for all tea lovers, this cafe offers classics like black tea as well as hazelnut milk tea, grass jelly tea, hot chocolate teas and a good coffee express service too
  • Juiced juice: Try a fresh, glowing juice before a workout or as part of a healthy lunch! Opt for berry blends, beet based drinks or the juice 'cleanse menu' which gives you 6 bottles of juice

Order drinks online for a fantastic meal or party

It has never been so easy to order gourmet Vietnamese style coffee to go with your dessert, a fun and funky bubble tea delivery for you and your friends to share at work or some elegant French wine to lift the taste of a sophisticated dinner for two. Get the party started with a crate of beer, chat with your best friend over a bubble tea delivery from I Love Taimei or uncork a bottle of wine on your anniversary. The possibilities are endless! Whether you love wine or beer, or are seeking a coffee express or bubble tea delivery, I Love Taimei and our other restaurants will have just what you need.

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