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Love Hainanese chicken rice, fried chicken and spicy wings? Singapore will be like heaven for you as it is home to some of the most delectable chicken restaurants in the entire world. It's time to see for yourself, so get ready for a scrumptious fried chicken delivery to your home or workplace. Order chicken wings online from one of Singapore's top restaurants and we are sure that you will be delighted every time.

The best and most popular fast food delivery restaurants in Singapore for chicken lovers

Singapore is simply filled with amazing fast food delivery places where you can order chicken wings online or gran some Hainanese chicken rice or a yummy fried chicken delivery. To help you choose when you are in a hurry, though, we hereby present you with three of the most popular chicken delivery spots in the city:

  • Arnold's fried chicken: superb classic fast food, with some great halal options too. Make sure to check out all the sides and trimmings, such as dips and fries. Perfection!
  • Texas chicken: the South of the USA is in many ways the home of deep fried chicken, and so this delivery restaurant is definitely a great place to check out if you fancy some delicious and authentic American style fast food.
  • Nando's : How can we mention fried chicken delivery without mentioning Nando's? Its very logo is a chicken, and this eatery is famous for its tender, well crumbed chicken wings, legs and breasts. There are some other fantastic dishes here too, such as salads, so make sure to check out the full range of the Nando's menu.

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