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When you order French food online, you can enjoy a delightful array of dishes, including escargots in garlic sauce and beef bourguignon. It's almost mandatory to order in a bottle of the finest French wine to complete your roast chicken delivery, whilst escargots can be accompanied with some delicious pommes frites (or French Fries as they are often known). Singapore is filled with amazing restaurants where you can order French food online: The French Table is one great example.

Find your dream French dishes for every occasion

Here are a few items you might like to try:

  • Beef bourguignon: This hearty dish is like a sophisticated take on classic stew. It features cuts of beef cooked in onions and wine with bouquet garni herbs and potato mash on the side.
  • A roast chicken delivery: French style roast chicken is typically simply cooked in its own juices, perhaps with a little garlic, rosemary, lemon and thyme, and then served up with potatoes
  • Escargots: Escargots is the French word for 'snails', and they are usually served as a starter dish with a sauce made of wine and garlic butter.

Where will you get your next plate of beef bourguignon or escargots?

The French Stall is by no means the only place where you can order French food online in Singapore. Museo is a fabulous restaurant for anyone craving seafood cooked in authentic French and Italian style, for instance, whilst The French Table is famous for its signature duck leg pasta dish as well as for staples of French cuisine such as French onion soup. Wine is just as important as food when it comes to French cuisine, so another good take out to bear in mind is Wine Connection, a great place to order French food online. Like The French Stall, this restaurant provides some gourmet food, but it also provides you with the ideal wine to drink with every single dish.

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