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Ordering Halal food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

If you follow a halal diet, you will be delighted to hear that Singapore is simply bursting with fantastic halal restaurants for you to try. Share a halal pizza with the family, grab a halal sushi delivery for a fresh lunch or just opt for a quick kebab as a snack to keep you going before you head out to a party: the possibilities are endless when you decide to get a halal food delivery. There are plenty of halal restaurants to choose from in Singapore: Islamic Seafood Paradise and Long John Silver's are just two of the brilliant menu options when you feel the need for a halal pizza, kebab or halal sushi delivery in your local area.

Enjoy a delectable Halal in Singapore

Here are some of the top places that locals love when they feel the need for a kebab menu that is totally halal, a halal pizza covered in their favourite toppings:

  • Homely Cafe: Like Islamic Seafood Paradise and Long John Silver's, seafood is one of the specialities of this restaurant, which offers some fabulous halal food delivery options. Let the flavours of salted fish fried rice, and fish fillets transport you to the ocean, or opt for one of the chicken dishes instead.
  • Rice & Box - Tenderfresh: Chicken in all of its varieties is on offer at this restaurant with its superb halal menu. Roast chicken, slaw and fries from this halal food delivery service makes a great family dinner.
  • Penyet Town: A delectable menu of classic Indonesian dishes, such as crispy fried banana, bakso bakar and ayam opor.

Find food for all occasions from our halal restaurants

No matter what the occasion, you will be able to find some fabulous Halal options to enjoy. How about a Halal pizza for two as you sit down with your best friend to watch one of the new releases on TV? Don't forget to add plenty of salad, fries, dips and other sides to your order to make it a real feast. A Halal kebab is the perfect end to a night out, especially when accompanied by a can of something fizzy. If the occasion calls for a banquet, moreover, you have so many brilliant options in Hong Kong: aromatic curries, exquisitely presented dumplings, and sumptuous desserts that will turn everything from a birthday party to an anniversary into a feast to remember.

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