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Ordering Korean food from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

A Korean food delivery can be whatever you want it to be, whether you order a scrumptious bibimbap roll for lunch or a decadent seafood pancake for dinner, some spicy Yangnyeom chicken accompanied by kimchi soup for a special occasion or just an array of desserts flavoured with tasty red bean paste. Yangnyeom chicken, for those who don't know, is a delectable variation on classic fried chicken: Yangnyeom chicken typically features a small whole chicken rubbed in a special blend of spices and then fried until it is crispy and fiery to the taste. Grab it at eateries such as Seoul Chicken!

Enjoy the exquisite taste of traditional Korean dishes

We have already mentioned Seoul Chicken and its tasty Yangnyeom chicken, but here are are a few more restaurant options that you might like to try in the region for your next Korean food delivery, branching out from Seoul Chicken:

  • Bonchon: This is fast food, Korean style. Chicken wings with fries, spicy noodles, dumplings, a tasty seafood pancake range and much more await you here.
  • NeNe Chicken: Chicken meals and sharing sets make this a great place to order Korean food online for parties, or for easy family dinners.
  • Dagiya Gogiya: A really elegant place to order several varieties of kimchi soup (including a pork option and clam meat and tofu option) cooked in a traditional claypot.

A Korean food delivery is ideal at any time of the day - or night

Munch on scrumptious bibimbap rolls in the office (and share a bibimbap with your colleagues when you order Korean food online and feel generous!). Grab a Korean food delivery of kimchi soup and seafood pancake for an elegant date, or grab some treats from Seoul Chicken to share with the family. From kimchi soup to a seafood pancake, the meal of your dreams awaits you.

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