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Let us treat you to some of the best Mexican food in Singapore. From crunchy nachos loaded with cheese and sour cream to a hearty burrito, with our delivery, you can enjoy it all. A selection of tacos stuffed with the fillings of your choice (and of course, plenty of smokey chipotle sauce), we have something for everybody. Fun, fresh and bursting with flavour, Mexican food is great for all occasions from fancy sit down dinners to street food style cuisine that you can eat on the go. For e.g. burritos delivery service is perfect for getting you and your colleagues through a mountain of paperwork at work.

Let us match you up with the best Mexican food in Singapore

Here are a few of the basic elements of Mexican cuisine:

  • Burritos: Your burritos delivery will consist of an expertly wrapped soft flour tortilla, bulging with rice, beans, marinated veg, fresh salad, guacamole, cheese, ground beef, jalapeno peppers and many more
  • Tacos: This 'open' corn tortillas, can be grasped in one hand and eaten. Fill them up with anything that you can put in a burritos delivery
  • Nachos: These moreish corn chips can come in a spicy version and they are traditionally eaten with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and other dips
  • Chipotle: A Smokey garlic and chili sauce that you can pour over absolutely anything, including nachos, tacos and a burritos delivery.

Order Mexican food online from Singapore's top restaurants

We are utterly committed to bringing you the very best Mexican food in Singapore. Whether you desire nachos, tacos, or a cheesy quesadilla, our compelling list of places to order Mexican food online is sure to inspire you. Churros Factory is an excellent choice if you fancy something sweet, and alongside churros (Spanish/ Mexican doughnuts) of all flavours including sea salt and caramel and banana. You can grab some salsa and nachos on the side. Lucha loco is great for burritos, tacos and salads booming with chipotle, whilst if you love fusion food (chipotle and marsala mixes, anyone?). Bombay Dining is a great place to order Mexican food online.

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