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Ordering Sushi from restaurants near you couldn't be easier

Elegantly presented and bursting with flavour, sushi is a classic Japanese dish that revolves around rice delicately flavoured with vinegar, high quality seafood, yakitori (burnt, marinated chicken) crunchy veg and piquant, creamy or spicy sauces, among other ingredients. A sushi delivery from Itacho Sushi, QQ Rice or any of the other hand picked sushi delivery places featuring on our exclusive list is sure to provide you with the best maki, sashimi, dumplings and rolls that you have ever tasted in Singapore.

The best places to order sushi online in Singapore

There are dozens of sushi delivery options to discover in Singapore. Here are a few more of them, to get you started:

  • Kinsa Sushi: Like MakiSan, this eatery provides some lovely soft crab rolls, a good range of sashimi (featuring tuna, octopus, swordfish and more) and some bento boxes that are great for a convenient lunch
  • Sabar @ Japan Food Town: A tasty, no frills sushi delivery service: great for whenever you need a sushi express experience
  • Box n Sticks: Comforting curries, classic and simple tuna sushi and opulent maki selections (featuring combos like soft shell crab and salmon and cream cheese
  • Seoulroll: An exciting mix of Japanese dishes (like yakitori) and Korean cuisine!

Why it is always a fantastic idea to order sushi online?

Sashimu, maki and crab or veggie rolls from a restaurant like MakiSan or QQ Rice always looks so artistic - and tastes great too. A sushi express order is perfect for a light, fresh lunch whilst a tempting platter of glistening sashimi, spicy yakitori and colourful maki is perfect for helping a board meeting along or (combined with some sparkling wine) for getting people chatting at a social event. Order sushi online ahead of a special occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary or just a date and delight in the sumptuous flavours of sashimi and yakitori.

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