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Vegetarian food Delivery from Restaurants near You

A vegetarian delivery can be sweet or spicy, salad based or fast food based (such as a veggie burger or a vegan hot dog from VeganBurg). In fact, it can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you order an elegant birthday dinner for a loved one from a Chinese vegetarian restaurant (you will find plenty on our list) or a burger with all of the trimmings from VeganBurg, you will be truly delighted by your scrumptious choice. Our list of vegan restaurants includes Indian, US style food, Chinese, Thai and bakery and cakes too, to name just a few options.

Order vegetarian food online and treat your taste buds

To inspire you further, here are just a few of the great eateries that await you in Singapore, offering everything from Thai and Chinese vegetarian dishes to salads, soups and curries:

  • Idealite: A great place to order vegetarian and vegan food online. If you love Asian style salads, red and green curry with rice and a selection of hand crafted vegan mock tails featuring delectable plant milks
  • SHU Vegetarian: This vegetarian delivery place is one of the best Chinese vegetarian eateries in town. Do not be put off my names like deep fried squid and chilli chicken: only meat substitutes are used here.
  • Kinara: Though not an exclusive vegetarian delivery service, this Indian restaurant is an amazing place to order authentic vegan and veggie options.

Treat yourself to an authentic veggie option today

We have carefully curated this gorgeous list of great places to grab a vegetarian delivery in Singapore. Whether you need the perfect veggie burger from VeganBurg, a curry from one of Singapore's brilliant vegan restaurants or a Chinese vegetarian banquet, you will be amazed at the quality of the cuisine. Even if you are not a vegan or a vegetarian (yet), you will be inspired and satisfied by Singapore's amazing array of vegetarian delivery services and vegan restaurants. From a veggie burger at VeganBurg to a Chinese vegetarian meal at SHU Vegetarian or sushi from one of Singapore's vegan restaurants: the choice is yours!

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