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Bergs Gourmet Burgers (Far East Square) - DNA Info

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Far East Square, Singapore, 049964

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Order Bergs Gourmet Burger online today!

BERGS certainly reminds your this delicious hamburger you ate in Far East Square area. From now on, you just need to go on foodpanda or open the foodpanda mobile application to order this same burger! BERGS Gourmet Burger has been launched in Singapore in 2009 - the first restaurant opened in CBD. Today three restaurants exist. BERGS Gourmet Burger always selects fresh ingredients to offer you tasty and unusual flavours. What about a Marrakech burger - an association of spiced lamb, mint yogurt, beetroot aioli and vegetables ? It is as tasty as it sounds! Go on BERGS Gourmet Burger’ page on Foodpanda to check the menu and discover all the burgers the Singaporean restaurant offers. The convenient online food ordering process and the express home or office delivery will definitely be time-saving. The hardest part will probably be to choose your burgers.

Enjoy burger delivery in Far East Square!

Have you ever tried to select the best burger in Singapore? It might be not that easy, even more when you enjoy a great online choice. BERGS Gourmet Burger especially offers a great range of hamburger with funny names. Miss Piggy or Mumbo Jumbo ? A delighting combination beef pattie, bacon, cheese and pineapple or a tasty mix of grilled chicken, Cajun spices, vegetables and lemon yoghurt ? Vegetarian food lovers will be happy to order online an original tofu burger combining tofu, spicy sauce, coriander pesto and vegetables. With BERGS Burgers, no doubt that your taste buds will have a great experience! Moreover Foodpanda and BERGS definitely gives their best to provide you a great and efficient service. Get relax with the 60 minutes delivery right to you doorstep.

Reviews of Bergs Gourmet Burgers (Far East Square) - DNA

  • on the dot delivery!

  • Instructions not followed. Asked for Well Done. You gave me Medium. Your Bergs sauce is too sweet. My mistake for not requesting it to be excluded. I think your standard has dropped so I'm not happy paying that price any more. The burger pattie used to be better. I won't be ordering anymore.

  • Very good, but quite expensive.

  • Good range of burgers. They were not quite as they described when they arrived. The marreksh & polo were very delicious. The fish one was not as good. The serving of chips was small given they were valued $8.

  • Very good burger and salad, delivered on time and still hot. Will order again

  • Keep it up

  • Quick delivery

  • burgers are good. the first time delivered in time and hot. yesterday for my second experience, they were cold...

  • Great Burgers, delivery on time and food still warm even the packing is very light. Price seems to be a little too much but reasonable for the quality. Will order again.

  • great food that came within stipulated time. Ordered from them twice in month already. Good for big groups bc the extra fees become less painful on the pocket when divided up.

  • Had a craving for gourmet burgers, and this place did the trick. Fantasically delicious burgers of momentous size. The flavour combination of the burgers was just done so well. Would not recommend getting fries or anything with the order as it takes too long and they ended up soggy.
    A little on the expensive side, so not able to do it every week.

  • Overpriced for the quality of food received. Burger was nothing special, onion rings were soggy and chicken wings tasted like those frozen ones bought off supermarkets. Very disappointed. Delivery took too long as well. Will not try it again.

  • Crazy Burgers !! More than happy with the delivery, the food is as good as eating on place. Keep on guys ;)

  • Miss Piggy made my day! a bit expensive but it definitely worth it. Great service as well


    We order their spicy chicken and beef burgers, thumbs up for their burgers, their meat is fresh and tasty, no wonder it can survive for so long, their ingredients used are good, except that we wish for more vegetables in the burger will be even better, even though it is the small burger we order, we feel full after eating it, their sauce used is unique and very spicy and open your appetite. recommended for burger lovers, this is unlike any fast food restaurant burgers, their meat patty is very good. Read more

  • this time the burgers were even better, but the french fries horrible... they can make awesome french fries (we had last time).... this time they were oily and soggy!

  • The burgers are very big and delicious. Inclusive sides would be nicer.

  • They had onion rings - plus point. Sadly the burgers were distinctly average - water bathed and flash grilled by the taste. Carls Junior is a far tastier burger for less money.

  • Great food, though really expensive. If FoodPanda could get the costs down, I'd order more often

  • The burgers were nice and it was delivered way before the estimated time. But the prices were too steep.Close to 70 dollars for 3 burgers. lol.

  • The beef patty was over cooked and I was eating a charcoal hamburger!

  • These were really nice and fresh burgers and thick cut chips. Considering we had two burgers and 2 servings of chips and it was over $60 I would say the pricing is EXCESSIVE. The restaurant can't be blamed for this totally - Foodpanda's mark-up as well as the delivery, service, etc fees are out of control.

  • Great burgers and fat chips!


    Visiting Bergs on a Saturday evening at around 7, the whole place was a ghost-town. Super quiet and the shops all looks 3/4 empty. Wanted to try Bergs after hearing about their burgers that were supposedly fresh and healthy. I opted for the Mumbo Jumbo which is cajun chicken in a lemon mayo sauce, aioli, lettuce, onion and tomatoes in a bun. I added on fries and a lemonade (at $4) for the bill to come up to $17.50 in total!The cajun chicken was really succulent and had just the right amount of flavour, the sauce was tangy and refreshing, and the bun wasn't too oily. I guess for most people the chicken wouldn't be salty enough and it would be just right with a sprinkle of salt. With or without, I'm still fine since I don't take my food too salty anyways. The burger is also really big -you can opt for the large one or the small one. The large one is ...really pretty large, so don't opt for the fries if you're not too hungry.
    The fries were really good, thick cut -you can bite into the crisp golden potato. The dip is supposedly barbecue (I would think) but it had a faint trace of danggui. I have no idea why but it tasted like barbecue sauce with someone accidentally pouring chinese medicine into it. Not my kind of dip. Other than that, the fries were perfect.
    The lemonade was very sour, with lemon sacs in it, but the taste grows on you as you eat it. The iced tea was definitely more palatable -homemade, sweet but with a slight bitter aftertaste of the tea. Nothing to shout about.Ambience and service wise, this place is great! It's quiet especially during the weekends for a quiet dinner with friends/family, the service is good too -staff are friendly. The decor is simple and no-frills, wooden benches and tables... A nice chillout place with okay prices for great, healthy food! Read more


    Had a craving for burgers and heard about this new burger stall, Bergs, which apparently is the brainchild of 2 Aussies who had embarked on a futile attempt to find the perfect burger. Frustrated, they decided to open an eatery that served up fresh burgers cooked/made on the spot.
    Situated within the nostalgic Far East Square, Bergs offers al fresco seating along the side walks and a not so cool air conditioned interior that reminded me of a school tuck shop with its wooden tables and matching chairs and an open kitchen (where you can see your burgers being made) to boot.
    Chips - The burgers do not come with any sides so we started off with an order of chips, which came served in a doggy bag. The chips looked machine cut but were thick and probably weren't of the frozen variant. Firm on the outside with a light handful of salt yet soft and moist on the inside.
    Crikey (compare with the coke bottle cap for size) - There is an option of having your burger done in 2 sizes - small or Bergs. I naturally opted for the latter. 2 huge pieces of freshly grilled beef patties and 2 pieces of bacon, all with grill lines to show for it, rather elastic edam cheese, lettuce and evenly toasted sesame buns - Seriously, what's not to like Well perhaps the overdoneness of the beef would be one. The patty didn't conceal any reddish tinges within and the exterior was a little too charred. But at least I could taste the mild uneveness of the meat. Did I mention that the burger was huge
    Alamack (Small Size) - This fish burger's name is a weird pun on the Malay word, alamak, which loosely translates to "oh my god". Funny names aside, the burger came with 2 chunks of fish which were lightly battered with crumbs and came across as tasty without being too fishy. Although this wasn't a Berg's size burger, it was still quite a handful.
    Bergs is probably one of the more expensive fast food places I've ever tried, but portions are generous and service is great. Food quality could improve, especially for the beef patties but throw in an almost crowd free environment on weekday/weekend evenings and its a huge draw, especially for people who value peace and quiet, like yours truly. And to borrow Carl Junior's slogan about their burgers, "It's gonna get messy". Read more


    Berg's Gourmet Burger is good. Ordered Miss Piggy which is very delicious. It is a Prime beef pattie with streaky bacon, lettuce, some other veggie and the edam cheese, coupled with the bergs sauce. The bacon is super good. It is not oily or salty at all! The beef pattie is very juicy and moist. This is really a very hearty and satisfying burger! Read more


    In the morning, my boss called me up to go Changi Business Park for meeting. I drove straight from my office and reached there at 10am. Our meeting ended late till 1.30pm, my boss asked me whether want to have lunch with him. I replied immediately as i was very hungry. My boss is not familar with Changi Business Park and asked me whether any nice food to eat. I replied i am not too sure as well but i know there is a Berg's Gourmet Burger nearby. We decided to go there and ordered ourself burger. Overall the burger is good but i feel it is quite expensive. Read more


    I was looking around for food during my lunchtime. I saw this new fast-food restaurant at level 2. The poster advertisement shows a delicious burger picture. I intend to go in and take a look what burgers they have. I saw the price of the burgers, starting from $8/- onwards, excluding drink and fries. Seems quite expensive, and curious how good the burger can be to charge at this rate. I do not eat beef, so i take away AYAM A CHICKEN.
    When i have my first bite of tasting the burger, its was so fresh. Hot grilled chicken with bbq sauce provided. At least must try once in your lifetime. Read more


    Bergs , an aussie burger joint located at Far east Square. The ”burger” joint concept seemed to appeal to these exceutives working in the CBD areas. Burgers make a budget & quick lunch but it’s unhealthy….(not all)
    Bergs is expanding!
    The biz is thriving & they have another outlet @ Dunlop Street (little india ). It depends which outlet is more convenient for you & make your way there.
    Take your number
    They have a veg / non-veg burgers —- beef/ chicken/ tofu / falafel .
    Choose the size : M ( 2 patties ), S( 1 patty)
    Order your choice of burger at the counter, pay , take your number & take a seat to wait for your burgers to be served. The burgers were freshly made on the spot thus a minimum waiting time of 5-10 mins is required. Well, it also depends on the queue / crowd.
    Irregardless of whether you are having the meal there / TA, they will serve the burger in a doggy-bag.
    Budgie Smuggler S — ($10.60)
    This is one of the their signature chicken burger. The burger was still warm when i took it out from the doggy-bag. The sesame bun was warm and soft and the chicken breast was well marinated . The juice of the chicken starts to drip all over … a mess! The burger has a hint of spiciness (sweet chilli) & light aioli .
    Though the chicken patty was juicy and delicious, I still felt that it was over-priced for a small burger. For that price. I could easily have 2-3 burgers at CJ/ Macdonalds. Read more


    Had a craving for burgers with another hungry boy and we headed down to BERGS with high expectations. Upon entering the place, we were instantly disappointed by the decor – sparse spaces, rowdy wall designs that could be likened to KFC walls, and bench seats. So much for gourmet burgers. But I thought, for good food, ambiance is secondary.
    Not much of a service, no menu either. You order from black board near the counter, get a number and wait for your sides to arrive or collect your brown bag of burger from the counter. Prices range from $8-$25 for the burgers. The burger's better be good for the lack of ambiance and service I thought.
    And finally, the burger. We both ordered The Berg, cheapest at $8. It was not that bad but not that good either. Greasy, insufficient sauce, beef was juicy but not tender enough to be as thick as it was. I liked the bacon though. Iced tea was normal, and the onion rings was good. Then again, for the price, it should be. I liked being spoilt for choices in the dips department though. They had aioli, sweet chilli, wasabi mayo, dill tartare and Bergs sauce. Liked the aioli one!
    Nonetheless, I wouldn't return for just the onion rings, which Burger King does a satisfactory job of, and Carl's Junior's cheaper. Neither would I return for the burgers – not value for money, not-so-convenient location, unfriendly staff, and what ambiance were you talking about? Read more


    Previously, I have tried BERGs and was really satisfied with the sumptious burgers. Now i'm back for another round — fresh gourmet burgers at affordable prices just wont' come by easily.the outlet looks pretty casual and neat — almost like a tuckshop. to some, it may be plain but comfortable... for me, i just thought it looked too boring. no frills, that kinda thing.menu is clear cut, title is too fanciful for burgers but that's alright.i tried the Crikey Too... the fluffy muffin tops with lots of ingredients sandwiched between just made me want antoher bite.. and another, and another. before long, i've finished the entire $16+ burger. a hefty price, some would say, but i think it's worth it for the quality.really fresh.. would love it if they presented it on a plate without the paper. looks so cheap-looking (but appearance is deceiving in this case).the patty is made from scratch, i'm not sure if they have a central kitchen but you can tell that it's put together quite recently because of the tenderness, juiciness!!! YUMMY!i hate bacons, but this was really almost without fats (making me love it more).I also ordered and would recommend Brekky Berg. Sounds like a morning kind ofmeal, but the Edam Cheese, Bergs special in-house sauce and aioli made it work so well that you can even eat it for supper. I mean it! the only downside of the meal was the fries — i've neverl iked thick cut fries and it got cold really quickly. really difficult to eat that much carbo. would appreciate if they had options of other side dishes. Read more

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