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Smor in Singapore

The further we get into the 21st century the more health experts are finding out just what good nutrition and healthy living mean, and more and more people are choosing healthier options for their main diet. Singapore with its location set near some of the worlds best loved cuisines is never slow to catch on to a new eating trend, and there's now a few places where healthy eating and organic food are available. However what's different about Smor is that they make food that's not only very good for you but, elegant enough for any dinner or event.

Smor for stylish food that's good for you

Ok, we all eat naughty things from time to time as treats, but making an effort the rest of the time is increasingly seen as the way to a long and happy life. So, with a wide range of original, tasty ideas for lunch and dinner, Smor is a great place for keeping to a diet. The food is also good enough for an elegant dinner or entertaining business clients. Here are a few ideas to inspire what would be a memorable meal:

  • Try a Smoked Salmon organic salad for a light dinner: Avocado, red and white quinoa, beetroots, Edamame beans and crisp Romaine Lettuce.
  • For a post Gym breakfast, why not try Egg Whites scrambled with Kale?
  • The Organic chicken salad has red and white quinoa, red cabbage, baby oranges with mesclun salad and plump corn kernels, good for any diet.
  • They also have great coffees and drinks too, which makes them ideal for casual business lunch dining too.

Smor for home delivery

This is a truly 21st century eating experience which fits into a fast modern lifestyle. Why not order a juice for when you've finished a yoga class? Or surprise a hard working loved one with a Wednesday night dinner? Smor has all you need for healthy suppers, so all you have to do is put flowers on the table! Or perhaps try their dishes after a big celebration like a wedding, their salads are a great way to rebalance your system. Also, using a premium app like foodpanda really makes the whole business even easier.

Ordering with foodpanda from Smor

There's two ways you can order and enjoy using foodpanda. Either the website which is clear and easy to use, or choose the powerful app and download to your phone. Great for when you're on the move, just click in your details and browse the clear pages of menu ideas to choose your dishes. When you're ready, click on check out, where a small $3 charge will be added for ensure a slick and smooth delivery. Foodpanda delivers to most of Singapore, and within half an hour your order will arrive, tasty and fresh.

  • 5.0

    Easy order, fast service, yummy food!

  • 5.0

    Healthy and reasonably priced

  • 1.0


    It went in the rubbish

  • 4.0

    The quantity of food was less than from store "directly".

  • 3.0

    Soup and sandwiches were good. chicken in the salad was soso. Also the oranges in the salad were not fully peeled. Dressing was good. Packaging of the soup was not nice avd could have been secured with some tape to avoid spillage. I will try again

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