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Dream-like Asian meals you have to taste to believe

You'll need to sample the exquisite Indonesian and Chinese food served at Daisy's Dream Kitchen to believe that food can taste like a dream. The Mains menu has a number of delectable options. They include beef rendang that is tender, fragrant and flavoursome food that is slow-cooked in a blend of spices and herbs that are known only to Daisy. Babi Pongteh which is stewed sliced pork belly served with potato and mushrooms and Kong Bak which is also pork belly made following a secret family recipe are two other options on the main menu. There is also Babi Buah Keluak, made with the buah keluak nut and minced pork. The mixture is stuffed back into the nut and cooked with soft-pork bone and a special sauce. Chicken lovers will order Assam chicken again and cooked again. The chicken is cooked with a special sauce that is sweet and spicy.

Daisy's Dream Kitchen vegetable and side dishes

The restaurant serves a number of vegetable and side dishes. They include:

  • Ngoh Hiang: prawn, pork, onions and water chestnut in secret sauce.
  • Chap Chye: vegetables cooked with the Nonya method which is a traditional way of slow cooking a mix of lily bulbs, cabbage and black fungus in a soybean base.
  • Sayur Lodeh: carrots, cabbage, long beans and turnips which are also slow cooked in a milky broth with a bit of spice made from Daisy's rempah and dried shrimp.
  • Otak Otak: fresh mackerel and a sumptuous blend of Daisy's secret sauce that has coconut added to it.

Another must-have at Daisy's Dream Kitchen is the add-ons. Try the plate of rice or sambal belacan which is made from scratch. Daisy's Dream Kitchen serves food with soft drinks: Pick from soda, fruit juice, hot tea and coffee.

From Daisy's Dream Kitchen right to your door

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  • 4.0

    Food was good, but felt portions were small. Perhaps to include how many people the serving serves so we know the quantity to buy.

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