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Kinara Contemporary North Indian Cuisine (Changi)
Kinara Contemporary North Indian Cuisine (Changi)
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Kinara Contemporary North Indian Cuisine (Changi)

6 Changi Business Park Ave-1, Singapore, 486017 

27 Ratings

Kinara Contemporary North Indian Cuisine (Changi)
Opens in 2h 54m
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6 Changi Business Park Ave-1, Singapore, 486017
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Order Kinara Indian cuisine in Changi now!

Located in Changi area, Kinara menu will take your taste buds for a great adventure in North India. You will love all those delicious dishes typical from Indian north cuisine. Even more, when you don’t have go out to enjoy them. You simply can use Foodpanda services to order your food online. From your computer or your smartphone, you can easily browse Kinara’s menu and select the indian dishes you want to eat. Have a look on their tandoor food : seafood, lamb or chicken from tandoor, you will for sure find something delighting. To enjoy a typical Indian meal, don’t forget to add some lassi in your basket.

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  • 3
    25/08/2014 by David

    If you look at my order history it's Kinara, Kinara, Kinara all the way, it is without doubt our favourite Indian takeaway. Unfortunately this time, Saturday 23/08/14 was a disappointment. Despite pre-ordering very early in the day for a 19:30 delivery, it was almost 30 minutes late (the delivery driver phoned me from the lobby at 19:53 to be exact) and the food was far from hot, I was clearly at the end of a long delivery run, despite living only 15mins away in Flora Drive. That said the food was still very tasty but if I'd wanted food I had to heat up myself I would have bought it from the supermarket.

  • 5
    02/07/2014 by curry muncher

    Easy online submission, prompt SMS confirmation, food delivered on time and hot and food was delicious. A good experience for me and will definitely use again.

  • 5
    04/05/2014 by Fernando

    Ordered the night before at 10pm for delivery at 6:30pm the next day (Sat). Since they are only opened at 5:30pm Sat, confirmation sms & email were only sent at that time, which made me a little nervous that I had to call food panda for clarification. Other that that, the food came on time & quality was good, based on my picky Indian friends. Thanks!

  • 5
    02/03/2014 by Jonathan

    Always enjoy the food from Kinara. It always arrive hot and very tasty!

  • 5
    10/02/2014 by Natalie

    Food is awesome, very tasty. We ordered food several times, and all the time delivery was a little earlier than we expected. This is the reason to be back and order again. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    22/11/2013 by Tritika

    food tastes like the one I get from my mum at home :) thank you! and thanks for the great delivery service. always good working!

  • 5
    17/11/2013 by Jaya

    Order delivered in 30 mins. Great food! Happy with the service and would recommend.

  • 5
    13/11/2013 by gowri raju

    delicious food!

  • 5
    02/11/2013 by Rajesh

    Got the delivery in 30 mins from Kinara, though it was told as 60 mins. Excellent service...!!!

    Other the hand, my street number is not updated in FoodPanda database though I have given in address...need to correct the system.

  • 4
    16/10/2013 by Barun

    Nice food and timely delivery. The packaging was good too....

  • 3
    07/10/2013 by Akshay

    They don't deliver on time and was no communication about it as well.

  • 3
    06/10/2013 by Romain

    Food is always nice at Kinara. Unfortunately it tooks more than 2 hours to receive my order, and the guys on the phone gave me wrong information ("it's on the way" more than a hour before delivery). So although I still love the food, I might choose another Indian next time.

  • 5
    28/09/2013 by Andreas

    Again delicious and fast!

  • 1
    08/09/2013 by Nitin

    Can not deliver at promised time

  • 5
    23/07/2013 by Andreas

    Very delicious and fast delivery

  • 5
    13/07/2013 by Cheng Joo


  • 4

    Nice food.

  • 1
    31/03/2013 by Ankur

    Ordering online with Kinara is not suggested as they cant keep upto their promised delivery time.