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Enjoy a slice of French gourmet cooking delivered to your door by making today all about France and its abundance of good dishes. Proudly representing French food outlets across Singapore, foodpanda is able to assist you in your quest to unveil the tastiest dishes- whether you are relaxing after work in Bedok, or craving for party catering in Queenstown. Priced accessibly, not only are all French food options wallet-friendly. An intoxicating combination of high quality, the freshest ingredients, satisfying sauces and decadent desserts awaits you and your friends. From a bowl of welcoming onion soup, through main courses like cassoulet and tartiflette to desserts like tartes and creme brulee, French cuisine is manifold:

Pain au chocolat Croissants ✓  Macarons Crepes Crème brûlée ✓  French cheeses ✓  French wine

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French food is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to have a sumptuous, delicious breakfast. If you are entertaining clients from around the world or just want to treat your family to the finest possible breakfast, why not order a platter of soft, buttery croissants or pain au chocolat and let everyone tuck in? You can easily order up what you need from superb restaurants like Bread n Heart, which serves up French cuisine in Singapore including:

Nutty almond croissants Chausson aux pommes (apple turnover pastries) Bacon and spinach quiche

French buns filled with chocolate, honey and orange Irresistible salted caramel tarts French coffees



French food delivery Singapore



If you are trying to start work with energy in the morning, why not order up a box of pastries from a local French food restaurant and keep your team motivated to work all day long? If you are celebrating a major achievement or somebody's birthday, there is no better way to make the occasion extra-special than by ordering a French cake for delivery in Singapore. The quality and artistry provided by French pastry chefs is known across the world, and you can order up some of the world's finest desserts at just the click of a button. You could even use foodpanda to regularly order a freshly cooked loaf of French bread, allowing you to whip up perfect sandwiches for your lunch.

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