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German Cuisine taking Singapore by Storm

Bavarian and other German food is fast becoming as popular as French when it comes to western cuisine in Singapore. It may be the birthplace of sausages, but German cuisine is actually a vast and varied collection of foods that focus heavily on hearty cooking using meats, breads and potatoes. In Singapore top German Bavarian Restaurants include Erich's Wuerstelstand, a sausage specialist serving a range of delicious dishes.

An Introduction to German Cuisine

As a country with a long history of social and political change, cuisine from Germany is a varied and delightful collection of hearty dishes. To the south of Germany in Bavaria, much of the cuisine is similar to that of Austria and features plenty of bread, meat and potatoes. To the north of Germany in the Lower Saxony region, food centres on potatoes and fish. Germany comes second only to France in terms of numbers of Michelin stars and the best thing is, you can now sample this delicious food, right here in Singapore.

Found in the Chinatown area of Singapore, you can now order authentic German dishes from Erich's Wuerstelstand simply and fast through foodpanda. Main dishes include the world famous Currywurst, a spicy flavoured sausage that is popular in Asia thanks to its added heat. At Erich’s you’ll also find the traditional Bratwurst sausage and the delicious Cheese Sausage. These meaty delights can be enjoyed in bread or with mashed potatoes.

Starters Platters and Muffins at Erich’s Wuerstelstand

As well as choice of sausage-based mains, Erich’s also serve a hearty French Onion Soup starter and a choice of Sausage Platters that are ideal for feeding groups, whether at home or at the office. For dessert why not try a traditional Austrian Muffin, these come in a choice of 12 flavours, including a savoury cheese option. At Erich’s and other Bavarian eateries in Singapore, bread features heavily on the menu. With a huge choice of bread options including the salty pretzel, rye bread, crispy (or crusty) rolls, sourdough and multigrain breads, there’s something for everyone.

Ordering German Food with foodpanda

As Singapore’s leading online food delivery specialist, foodpanda only sign up the best cafes, restaurants and takeaways to the website. Ordering food in Singapore through foodpanda is fast and simple, plus you can chose to pay however suits you- online or by cash on delivery. At foodpanda we remember your details for next time and give you a platform to leave reviews and read those of other customers- helping you make an informed decision about your food delivery, every time. As well as Bavarian cuisine, we feature restaurants and takeaways serving food from every corner of the globe, all directly to your home or office.

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