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Singapore is a true metropolis combining breathtaking architecture with a proud cultural history, the city is one of the most popular and exciting destinations in the world. This is absolutely reflected in its dining culture, with an approach to cuisine that is both experimental and classic. Combining the old and the new, the best restaurants in Singapore have the ability to use ancient Asian cooking techniques to create dishes that are at once familiar whilst remaining completely innovative. The city is a food lovers dream with open-air food courts or Hawkers dotted around the city in areas like Maxwell Road, Newton Circus and Smith Street, you get to immerse yourself in the city and its diverse and delicious eating culture.

Vietnamese Cuisine in Singapore

One of the most popular cuisines in Singapore is Vietnamese cuisine. Thanks to the proximity of the two regions we see some of the most authentic and flavorsome Vietnamese cuisine anywhere outside Hanoi. Excitingly there are lots of terrific restaurants that actually offer a home delivery service, meaning you can log online with foodpanda and order your favourite dishes with a fee simple clicks of a button. Some of the most popular restaurants and dishes in the city include -

  • Socks and Pans. Located on Market Street Socks and Pans serves wonderful Pan-Asian fare, all cooked to order by experienced chefs. The superb Asian pulled pork pizza is really one to try as is the fantastic Tom Yum Fish.
  • Viet Pho. Arguably the most authentic Vietnamese restaurants in the city and probably the most popular. Viet Pho offers diners the chance to have a full Vietnamese experience, starting with a list of appetisers like fresh chicken spring rolls and Muc Tom Lam Bot, a dish or fried beef and prawns. After that you can move onto one of dozens of noodle dishes, served with chicken, fish beef or tofu. Delicious.
  • The Orange Lantern. Sat on Kilkenny Road, an area that many believe to be Singapore's food paradise, The Lantern offers some of the best Vietnamese BBQ around. There is also great Noodle dishes, Curries, and Appetisers. You could even go for the party banquet or platter options which are perfect for large groups eager to try a selection of what the menu has to offer.

All these restaurants offer quick and reliable food delivery services, meaning you will never be more than a few clicks away from a delicious meal.

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