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As it is, Singapore is a country of expats. Nowhere else is the density of highly skilled workers higher than in the Red Dot. Year after year, young and ambitious citizens of the world swarm into this global hub. While enriching, their demands for unique, qualitatitve Western cuisine in Singapore can undoubtedly be challening to meet for even the most experienced of chefs.

When speaking about Western food, definitions of the term vary considerably on the basis of nationality, cultural heritage and subjective views. For the purpose of clarity, foodpanda Singapore assembles virtually all items the Western kitchen can offer to hungry palates:

  • Italy: Italian Pizza, Pasta and fine wines
  • Spain: Seafood Paella, Gazpacho Soup and Tortillas
  • France: French wine, baguette and cheeses
  • American: Burgers, Milkshakes and Fries

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer you an abundant choice for delicious Western food. Pick and choose from 400+ partners, and sample the dishes you're enjoying the most. Western food delivery in Singapore is closer than you think:

✓ original Bergs Burger

✓ Chicken Schnitzel from The Rotisserie

4Fingers crispy chicken menu.

✓ original baby back ribs from Tony Roma’s Singapore

Steak delivery from Outback Steakhouse

✓ classic Fish and Chips from Makan Makan


Western food delivery Singapore


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