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Today, Chinese cuisine is known and loved in virtually all parts of the world. Its origins, albeit disputed, are said to go back to over a thousand years, and were shaped by both regional, as well as local methods of Chinese food preparation. Further ethnic differences have let to various forms of Chinese food delivery, offering busy people a diverse and enriching dinner experience. In the following, we will guide you carefully through the process of ordering healthy Chinese dishes from the tip of a finger. Enjoy!

Discover the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore online!

Chinese food home delivery in Singapore provides you with abundant opportunity to explore Chinese food minus the risk and hassle of a real restaurant dinner. Of course, if this is what you are looking for, be assured that we got plenty in store for you when it comes to high-class home delivery Singapore Chinese food.

✓ For the best Chinese Curry Fish Head, discover Hui Wei Chinese Thai.

✓ To enjoy Chicken Teriyaki, choose 933 Golden Pillow. Undecided? Try the top 10 of the best Chinese dishes!

✓ To indulge in Bread Pakoda and other Chinese breakfast items, go for Grandma's Kitchen Singapore.

✓ Sweet Sour Prawn and Lotus Curry Chicken Bun? The sky is the limit with Lotus Secret Bun.

✓ For warming Chinese Soup delivery, try Just Acia today!


Chinese food delivery Singapore


Order Chinese takeaway in three steps online now!

With foodpanda, we promise it'll be easier than ever to enjoy Chinese delivery to affordable prices. Without even having to step out of your home or office, all Chinese cuisine orders are submitted online. For Cantonese rice noodles or Hokkien-style dishes, visit us either via app or website. Next up, locate yourself so our friendly drivers can make their way to you once your meals are fully prepared. Lastly, enjoy good Chinese food in Singapore without the fuss of cooking yourself. Simple, isn't it?

For Chinese food catering, look no further than our menu options.

Our Team at foodpanda simply loves a good Chinese food buffet! We believe that the joy of having your favorite Chinese foods delivered should be experienced by all our customers. From Halal Chinese food and Korean Chinese food delivery, through to the Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant you always seeked, Singapore Chinese food delivery won't disappoint neither meat-lovers nor fans of nature. Whatever Chinese food you're in the mood for, enjoy the best delivery for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the form of exquisite dishes. Customize your individual menu just the way you like it:

  • Traditional Hainanese chicken rice from Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice menu
  • Kway Tiao Soup or Hokkien Mee from the Shi Fu Ge
  • Sweet desserts from Golden Pillow
  • Teochew style dumplings or a variety of congee from Old Hong Kong Tea House
  • Taiwanese squid ink tempura from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
  • Manchow chicken soup from Indian House Tangra Chinese
  • Healthy ginseng herbal soups, yam rice and other delicacies from Ye Ji Wa Gung Brew Soup
  • Fuzhou fishball noodles from Ming Fa Fishball

With so many variations in Chinese dishes, desserts and Chinese beverages, and so many places to order them online from, your Chinese food order online is likely to surprise you- for 7 days, three meals a day.

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