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You are a fan of the restaurants Indian Curry House, Khansama, or Omar Shariff? You genuinely feel that good, satisfying Indian food is long overdue in your kitchen, yet that there's no time left to cook it? At foodpanda, we want to solve your problem by offering you dozens of affordable indian vendors minus the cleaning and hassle of preparing ingredients. Read on to learn more about indian food delivery and the variety of dishes you are about to discover. Indian cuisine in Singapore is closer than you think - we promise!

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We surely aren't the first ones to find the depth of North Indian, as well as South Indian food remarkeable. From spicy chicken, rice, and breads through to green salads and colorful kebab platters, Indian food satisfies the expectations of even the most distinct of appetites. Looking for vegetarian food delivery in Singapore? We can safely say that lovers of meat-free dishes will be surprised about Indian cuisine and its incomparable abundance of both herbs and spices. Usage of tandoor specifically- clay popular in Indian food-making- has successfully represented the many religious implications of the sacred cow. Consequently, not few meals you will see encompass little to no preparation of beef, pork or chicken meat.

Information about Indian vegetarian food delivery

The taste of Indian vegetarian food can differ strongly between either North- or South Indian food: While North Indian cuisine is traditionally spicy and heavy on salt, the sweet taste of tomato is one of the many distinct elements found in South Indian kitchens. Importantly, of course, both cuisine types offer an abundant number of alternatives for vegetarians in Singapore. The best news? Indian cuisine is available on foodpanda so you can enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and good food. Hungry already, yet unsure what to order? We've got your back, with three reasons for why Indian food delivery will cast its spell on you quickly.

The best restaurants, the tastiest dishes: Order Indian food now!

As if it would actually take reasons to enjoy the best indian restaurants in Singapore, here are three good arguments for why foodpanda is your number one source of home delivery Indian food in Singapore:

1 Omar Shariff Authentic Indian Cuisine boasts a variety of traditional indian foods, and is the proud owner of the Top Restaurant Award for the Singapore's Finest Restaurants. Sit back and indulge in tandoori chicken and a bottle of house wine.

2 Indian restaurants in Singapore are not particularly known for coming cheap. On foodpanda, you'll find not a few but dozens of affordable, truly unique indian vendors who are happy to take your wishes.

3 Order indian food online and experience Indian Curry House with its diverse offer of main dishes, lovely desserts, and indian aloholic drinks.

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foodpanda offers you 40+ types of cuisines accessable both via website and mobile application. From American fast food, salads and refreshing alcohol delivery, through to pizza, pasta and desserts prepared with love, we ensure that whatever type of meal it is you are craving for you will find it right here. Let Indian food delivery be just the start of your culinary journey with us, and indulge in the fastest food delivery without the regret now. Enjoy!

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