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Scrumptious sashimi, hearty udon noodles, exquisite looking sushi and crunchy tempura with plum dips: Japanese cuisine is always utterly delectable. And that is before we have even got to the spicy curry dishes and the aromatic bowls of ramen that you can grab from world renowned Japanese chains such as Monster Curry or Yoshinoya (make sure to add some extra sashimi to your Yoshinoya delivery - it's delicious!), and from innovative local eateries alike.

Find the best places to order Japanese food online

Browse our hand picked selection of the best places to order Japanese food online in Singapore, and you will discover a fabulous and inspiring set of restaurant options, including:
  • Ootoya: Curry is the speciality here. The silky pork or tender chicken and rice combos provide you with the perfect lunch
  • ✓ A superb place for a sashimi and sushi delivery: Try the tempura calamari, shrimp with wasabi mayo and the 'California Dreamin' sushi plate of California sushi rolls with all the trimmings
  • Ichiban Bento: Bento boxes are great for lunch and this restaurant also provides a superb sushi delivery service, providing scrumptious dishes such as mackerel in teriyaki sauce

A ramen, sashimi, udon or sushi delivery is perfect no matter what the occasion is

Spend quality time with friends and family over a Yoshinoya delivery or some steaming, spicy ramen from Monster Curry. Treat your date to some sophisticated sashimi and tasty tempura, or serve up sushi with prosecco at a gallery opening. Order Japanese food online for special occasions, or for no occasion at all!

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