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About the restaurant

Introduction to Swirls Singapore

Swirls Singapore are an all-American gourmet cupcake bakery based in Singapore. Swirls Singapore started off with the belief that good desserts can spread joy to people through what people love the most in life - baking cupcakes. It was that belief that triggered an expedition across the oceans, spanning from the East to West Coast of America, to the cobblestoned streets of Europe - all in search of the perfect gourmet cupcake recipes to bring home to Singapore to share with you.

Swirls Singapore are here to make your day. To allow you to feel really good. To see the brighter side of things. To let you bite into one of our moist, divine cupcakes with sumptuous frosting & delicious toppings. To serve cupcakes that are fit for stars! The Swirls Singapore mission is simple: to make the best cupcakes that you have ever tasted. Aside from bringing you happiness through baked goods such as layer cakes, brownies & cookies, Swirls cupcakes are helping the world we live in by donating to charities around the world! One cupcake at a time, Swirls are baking our world a better place. Enjoy over 101 flavours! Everyday the Swirls Singapore bakers showcase different flavours from the company's Specials Range, which changes every month. On super special & awareness days they include even more flavours so that you find new delicious cupcakes that you love! Specials are available to buy in-store on their featured day of the week. To have your cupcakes delivered, order your very own cupcake box here.

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8 Rodyk Street #01-08 (off Robertson Quay), Singapore, 238216

Order cupcake deliveryfrom Swirls Bake Shop!

Enjoying a cupcake delivery singapore is always a great mix of feelings between the delicious taste of this small cute cake and the funny colorful topping. Whenever you want to enjoy this tasty feeling, just order cupcake delivery singapore from Swirls Bake Shop. A Singaporean Gourmet dessert fully into American cupcakes tradition! Bakery’s motto is to make your day by offering you the best cupcake delivery singapore. On foodpanda, check out Swirls Bake Shop menu and let your taste buds getting tickled by Very Vanilla, Oh So Cocoa, Nuts About You or even Strawberry Burst - there mot less than 101 flavours! Once in a while, give yourself a treat and simply enjoy cupcake delivery singapore - it is somehow like getting a piece of happiness delivery. Don’t look for excuse: just select the most appealing cupcake and enjoy it at home, work or with friends around a cup of tea.

Take your chance on cupcake delivery singapore

From Swirls Bake Shop, you can order cupcake delivery singapore. While coming to the office in the morning what about bringing a box of 12 tiny cupcakes for your beloved colleagues instead of donuts? Colored, tasty, they will bring great mood. The chocolate fans won’t resist to a tiny Nutella cupcakes or a milk chocolate covered with tiny m&m’s. Cupcake delivery singapore might also be very nice if you want a good cupcake delivery singapore and surprise your partner with a romantic gesture. Your girlfriend can only be touched with a lovely Very Vanilla cupcake, your boyfriend will appreciate a What’s Up Doc. As said at the beginning, you are sure that Swirls Bake Shop will make your day! Don't forget: foodpanda holds many more surprises in store for you, from Western cuisines to Indian and even Sushi delivery, be assured that whenever you are craving cupcake delivery in singapore, many more amazing foods are just around the corner!

  • 5.0

    Just amazing!

  • 4.0

    Delivery was faster than expected. Cupcakes came 1 overturned and another was out of place. Other than that. It's alright. I made a mistake thinking small was a little smaller. However , small is tiny. So gotta make sure the size is right before ordering.

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