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Enjoy Singapore food delivery with the city's number one delivery service tonight! Singapore is a food-lover's paradise - the island-city's cosmopolitan culture makes it a melting pot of world cuisines. Here you will find high quality Malay, Japanese and Chinese, Thai and Indian, French, Italian and American food and fusion cuisines from around the world. There are hundreds of restaurants in Singapore that offer mind-boggling varieties of food, and with us as their delivery partner, many of these now offer Singapore food delivery which you can enjoy without stepping out of your homes or office. We will help you find restaurants that fit your tastes, budget and other requirements. Whether you are seeking to pre-order for a large party or looking for places that let you pay online conveniently, you'll find a listing to suit your needs. Browse restaurants offering free Singapore food delivery, dinner or lunch sets, vegetarian menus or eateries serving halal, and never worry about what to serve guests, friends or family on short notice again.

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Singapore's large population of Malays, Chinese and Indians implies that there are several restaurants catering to Asian tastes. If you are craving Singapore food delivery, try the top-rated Old Hong Kong (which also offers Chinese desserts), Shi Fu Ge or Golden Pillow, where you will find fresh seafood dishes and nostalgic foods. Golden Pillow is popular with foodies seeking Singaporean and Chinese cooked with halal specifications. For a vast menu of items including the much-loved Hainanese chicken rice, one of Singapore's national dishes, try the Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice. For an impressive selection of alcohol to go with your food, The Drinking Market, The Yang's and Hops Beverages are popular choices. For Singapore food delivery with an Indian touch, try Omar Shariff Authentic Indian Cuisine, Indian Curry House or The Mango Tree among others, and for vegetarian check out The Curry Hut or Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant. Ginza, Yoshinoya and Kinsa Sushi offer Singapore food delivery for all locals to try. Hui Wei Chinese and E-Sarn Thai Chinese offer Thai food while So Pho offers halal Vietnamese for those craving some delicacies from the streets of Bangkok or Saigon.

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You can also enjoy Singapore food delivery from a variety of restaurants serving western and fusion food, both authentic style and tempered to Singaporean tastes. If you are craving fast food, there are several local and international chain stores like Canadian Pizza, Papa John's, Wing Zone, Subway, Burger King and others offering pizza, pasta, BBQ and other international favourites. These restaurants are popular not just with ex-pats but also with locals looking for comfort food to share with friends and family. If healthy eating is more your style, don't worry. Swensen's, The Soup Spoon, Big Bern's American Grill and others offer a variety of salads you can tuck into without guilt. For people with a sweet tooth or a love for baked food, Annabella Patisserie Macarons, Swirls Bake Shop, Bread n Hearth and others offer Singapore food delivery of delectable sweet and baked goods to snack on. Arm yourself with the foodpanda smartphone app and you can order quickly and have your favourite Singapore food delivery bring you your choice of eats in an hour or less.

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